Risk Characteristics

Risk characteristics, such as location, year built, construction and materials, and elevation are key drivers of pricing insurance premium.

Policy Characteristics

Policy characteristics are adjustable terms in your policy that can affect the premium.

  • Deductible - the portion paid by a policy holder before insurance pays. Generally, a higher deductible will reduce premium, while a lower deductible will increase premium.
  • Limits - Coverage limits for specified types of coverage
    • Building (Coverage A)
      • The structure of primary building (floors, walls, ceiling, etc.)
    • Secondary Structures (Coverage B)
      • Additional structures (detached garage, fences, etc.)
    • Contents (Coverage C)
      • Belongings inside the house (furniture, electronics, etc.)
    • Living Expenses (Coverage D)
      • Covers the cost of temporary housing if the policy holder(s) need relocate while their home is under repair